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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is more than just Wills and Trusts. It is the preparation of a plan to carry out an individual's wishes as to the administration and disposition of his/her property before or after his/her death. It is a common misconception that Estate Planning is only for the wealthy, but here a few reasons why you may need to consider discussing a plan:

1. If you have minor children. Who will care for your children if you die? If you have a plan you are able to nominate a guardian, without one the decision could be left up to a Court.

2. If you have assets. Who will inherit your assets? Without a will or plan your assets will pass in accordance with State Law. Taking the time to set up a Will or Trust will allow you to determine the distribution of your assets and the manner in which they are received.

3. If you are worried about the financial security of your family if something happens to you. Having a plan can help provide for income replacement through life insurance as well as retirement accounts to help your family maintain their standard of living.

4. If you have a blended family, what happens to children and spouses from different marriages? Without a plan your children may not be treated in accordance with your wishes. A plan can help you provide for all of your children as you see fit.

5. If you own a business. What will happen to your business if you die? If you are a business owner it is crucial that you have a plan in place to name a successor and provide direction in the event of your passing.

6. If you lose the ability to speak for yourself. What happens if you become incapacitated and are unable to manage your affairs? A plan can help designate who can act on your behalf. Absent a plan you may be faced with having the Court appoint a stranger to manage your personal matters.

7. If you have retirement accounts. Who is entitled to the proceeds? A plan can help designate beneficiaries and can help avoid unnecessary and unforeseen tax consequences.

8. What about estate taxes? A plan may help you reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

Real Estate

Charles R. Hayes, P.A. provides a complete range of real estate legal services. The Firm can draft, review and negotiate residential and commercial purchases and sales, as well as leases. We provide both individual and lender title insurance. We attend real estate closings to make sure that all title issues are resolved and to make sure our clients fully understand all closing details.

Our firm also deals in Home Owner Association and Condominium Law.

General Business Practice

Business Law Practice including setting up Incorporations and Partnership Agreements for any size business.

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